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    BOSSPUP of the week 11.07.16 - Auggie TheFrenchie

    BOSSPUP of the week 11.07.16 - Auggie TheFrenchie

    This week we're back with Bosspup of the week and we're featuring none other than the pup, the legend, Auggie the frenchie!

    Tell us about you Auggie...

    I'm a one year old brindle, male French Bulldog named Auggie from Los Angeles!

    Can you give us some examples of how Auggie is true boss?

    Auggie is a true boss because he's always the life of every pawty we go to! From the dog park, to my playdates, to any human get together - I attract all the attention!

    auggie in bosspup

    What is Auggie's personal style?

    I love things that are comfy but also stylish.  And nothing too hot because Frenchies get warm easily!

    What is that one piece or accessory that every dog needs in their closet? 

    A super cool, comfy harness! I love all of mine.  They are functional but can also show off your personal style. :)

    What is Auggie's favorite pastime?

    Playing, snorting, kissing, and napping! 

    auggie the frenchie in bosspup

    What is Auggie's favorite snack?

    Hamburgers!  Yummmm!

    Tell us about Auggie's most embarrassing moment....

    Probably when I had my first birthday pawty and all my girl puppy friends came and I couldn't decide which one I liked the most!

    Country or rap?

    I'm a rap pup for sure...A rup. ;)

    BOSSPUP of the week 10.10.16 - The Southern Belle Annabelle

    BOSSPUP of the week 10.10.16 - The Southern Belle Annabelle

    When we first met Annabelle on instagram, we fell in love instantly. I mean...those bows, the perfectly messy do, the snarly smile and all that southern sass! She seriously rocks the BOSSPUP look so hard. Read more about her below...
    Tell us about Annabelle..
    Annabelle is a 1year old female shihtzu from Pennsylvania 
    What is her most boss characteristic?
    She is small in size, but makes up for it with her attitude. When she wants something she lets you know by stomping her feet and giving a little growl 
    What is her favorite thing to eat?
    When it comes to food she is a real Cookie Monster, as soon as she hears the treat jar open she comes running. She also enjoys an occasional doggie ice cream from Rita's. 
    What is Annabelle's personal style?
    Annabelle loves all styles, but most of all this diva loves high fashion.
    What's the naughtiest thing she does?
    Stealing her sister's toys and occasionally chewing on the baseboard, but she claims she is innocent 
    Does Annabelle have a instadog crush? 
    This southern belle has lots of instadog crushes @louistheodoredouglas , @gizmo_the_king and @chewy_fromthe6ix to name a few 
    Rihanna or Beyonce?
    Rihanna all the way 
    Thanks Annabelle!

    BOSSPUP of the week 10.03.16 - Sneakers The Corgi

    BOSSPUP of the week 10.03.16 - Sneakers The Corgi

    I'm happy to share that this week's BOSSPUP is also a #GIRLBOSS. And not only is she a #GIRLBOSS, she's a BRUIN! Can I get an 8 clap? She's none other than Sneakers The Corgi! Sneakers is a true bosspup. She's intelligent, confident, loves to eat and feels good wearing anything from furry hats to tomboy hoodies! Let's go on and meet her...

    Tell us about Sneakers? 
    Sneakers is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She enjoys playing fetch, loves long walks on the beach, and lives in foggy San Francisco.

    corgi hoodie

    What is Sneakers favorite song to rock out to?
    Anything by Beyonce, obviously, but she enjoys all pop music!

    What is that one piece or accessory that every dog needs in their closet?
    A hoodie! Keeps you warm but looking cool.

    Does Sneakers have a motto in life?
    Eat the pizza. You only live once!

    What are your thoughts on pineapple on pizza?
    Yes! Pineapple and pizza are wonderful on their own, so why not combine them?

    Beyonce or Rihanna?
    They are both royalty, but Beyonce is the Queen!

    corgi jacket

    BOSSPUP of the week 09.26.16 - Bruce Wayne

    BOSSPUP of the week 09.26.16 - Bruce Wayne

    This week's Bosspup Of The Week is non other than Bruce Wayne, your all American hero. Sup B...
    Please introduce Bruce...
    Bruce Wayne (his ears were both sticking up like bar ears in the first pic I ever saw of him online. He also has a W mark on his head). He's a 3yr old male dachshund, beagle, chihuahua mix from the city of angels - LA.
    • He's scared of everything, but acts all tough when he's behind me or shielded behind something.
    • Loves to snuggle. And when I'm home he apparently feels the need to be touching me somehow whether it's by leaning on me having his paw on me.
    • Loves the dog park. He's usually the one getting all the dogs to chase him.
    • Loves cucumbers
    • If I have my living room lights on late at night, he thinks it's still play time and runs around. So lately I've been turning down the lights just to get him ready for bed. Is he a human?
    • I adopted him from the adoption service Much Love, 4 months after my mom passed way and found out later that coincidentally, his estimated birth date is the same as my mom's bday. 

    bruce wayne in our zippy jacket with rainbow mickeys

    (Yea sure you woke up like that Bruce...)

    What's Bruce personal style?
    Athleisure? lol. Of all his outfits, he rocks and loves his camo print hoodie the most.
    What is that one piece or accessory that every dog needs in their closet? 
    A worn in hoodie and a comfy blanket
    What is Bruce favorite toy?
    Classic tennis ball. He will run around the apartment on his own if there's a tennis ball. 
    I get him so many chew toys and tug toys but he destroys them immediately. 
    Tell us something embarrassing about Bruce or his most embarrassing moment...
    One of the first few times I brought Bruce to work, he went into my boss' office during a meeting and pooped in the middle of the room. 
    Not really embarrassing but I thought it was hilarious. 
    (Bruce Wayne ready to partaay in our classic hoodie...holla at ya boy)
    Drake or Kanye? 
    He's more of a Disney dog. If he could talk, I'm pretty sure he'd sound like Simba. 
    Polka dots or stripes? 
    Stripes and camo.
    Pepperoni or sausage?
    Pepperoni and sausage. He loves everything. 
    Thanks Bruce Wayne! You can follow him on his adventures here!