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    SoCal Pet Expo 2017

    SoCal Pet Expo 2017

    It was our first time showing at the SoCal Pet Expo and we had a blast meeting all of you, especially you guys who reached out on Insta! Check out all our photos below! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @bosspupstore for updates on upcoming shows!

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    BOSSPUP of the week 12.19.16 - Olive The Chihuahua

    BOSSPUP of the week 12.19.16 - Olive The Chihuahua

    We met Olive's mom, Jenn at Artisanal LA this past December and after seeing how careful Jenn was in picking her outfits for Olive, we just knew that Olive was the boss of the house! What's the saying, big things come in small packages? Let's go on and meet Miss Olive.
    chihuahua in bosspup dog clothes
    Tell us about Olive (quick stats - name, age, breed, sex, location, etc)
    Olive is about 3 years old. Lil lady, chihuahua/min pin mix? Rescued. Torrance, CA

    Give us some examples of how Olive is true boss?
    Olive is definitely the boss of the house. Everyone at home works around her schedule or her preferences. Her whole 7 pounds takes up most of mama & papa's queen bed!

    How would you describe her personality?
    Olive is loving, confident, sassy and playful. She also knows she's cute! Don't rub her the wrong way (no pun intended!) and she'll let you know she's not having it!

    What is her personal style?
    Her style is along the line of comfortable couture. She likes to be dressed up and will pull out the outfits she wants to be wear.
    What is the funniest thing she does?
    The funniest thing she does is how she taps your face when she really wants your attention 
    What is her favorite snack?
    Does Olive have a boyfriend?
    No, she won't share the stage with any boy.
    chihuahua hoodie dog clothes
    Who is her ultimate celebrity crush?
    Eddie from Frasier
    Taylor Swift or Kanye?
    Neither. She's her own biggest fan! 
    What other instadogs are her favorites?

    BOSSPUP of the week 12.12.16 - Pepe LeGraham

    BOSSPUP of the week 12.12.16 - Pepe LeGraham

    Our Bosspup of the week is Pepe LeGraham! He's a bit of a LA rockster because he's the cutest, sweetest, chubby nugget you'll ever meet. Let's get to know him a little better.

    Tell us about Pepe (quick stats - name, age, breed, sex, location, etc)
    Pepe is 14 months old; French Bulldog; Male; Los Angeles; blue-pied coat. He came from Florida.
    Give us some examples of how Pepe is true boss?
    He's always protecting the home and he's a hit with the ladies. 
    pepe legraham in bosspup dog jacket
    How would you describe his personality?
    Extremely loving and always wants to play and fill the room with excitement.

    What is his personal style?
    He has a dapper flare with a sporty touch to him. (i.e. dress to impress, but take the weekend in jeans)

    What is that one piece or accessory that every dog needs in their closet? 
    A nice hoodie 
    pepe legraham frenchie dog hoodie
    What is Pepe's favorite pastime?
    Laying on his back and receiving belly-rubs from mommy and daddy
    What is Pepe's favorite snack?
    Bullysticks and peanut butter 
    Does Pepe have any insta crushes?
    Too many to count!
    Country or rap?
    Country - it's where the ladies are at.
    Favorite show on TV?
    Pepe Le Pew cartoons of course!
    frenchie sleeping
    pepe legraham french bulldog dog clothes

    Artisanal LA Holiday

    Artisanal LA Holiday

    This past Sunday we participated in Artisanal LA. It was our first show and we had so much fun meeting all the pups and their hoomans. It was so awesome to see these hoomans doting on their sweet furry babies and we loved seeing how confident the pups looked in their new digs. Here are some photos from the event. Hope to see all of you all at the next one!

    Cavalier King Charles dog clothes

    sweet poodle in bosspup zippy jacket

    rescue dog sweet riley with mom

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    Artisanal la pets