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    Bosspup Errday

    So Cal Corgi Beach Day 4.8.17

    So Cal Corgi Beach Day 4.8.17

    We're a little behind on this post but we had a great time at our first So Cal Corgi Beach Day! It took place in Huntington Beach on April 8th and it was one of the best, most well organized events. We were really happy to see some old friends (@corgitwinky @olliethecorgi620 @bentlaroo) and met tons of new friends as well! We saw a lot of corgis (baby corgis, mama corgis, chubby corgis, hawaiian corgis...we saw them all!). We also some some others represent such as a few frenchies and pugs. Overall it was a great time...so much so that we'll be doing it again at the next one on July 1st, 2017. Enjoy the pics below!

    corgi beach day 2017

    corgi beach day 2017corgi beach day 2017

    BOSSPUP of the week 4.3.17 - Frank the frenchie

    BOSSPUP of the week 4.3.17 - Frank the frenchie

    If we had to say that Frank the frenchie @frankthefrenchie0516 looked like any hooman and celebrity, it would definitely be Hugh Jackson. Just look at that serious but handsome mug. The resemblance is uncanny!

    Plus Hugh Jackman is a bit hairy and wrinkly. Anyway we just love Frank, mostly because he's so cuddly and cute...AND he's a total mama's boy. Can we blame him? His mama Amy is so good to him. She buys him super fashionable clothes (if we do say so ourselves), takes him to work everyday and sleeps by his side when he's feeling sad. Please read more about Frank and his family below.

    Tell us about Frank and his hoomans?

    Frank is a male french bulldog, 10 months of age, from Walnut Creek, CA. 

    Mom and Dad own a construction company. Mom takes me to work with her in the showroom so I get to hang with her and see dad all day. All the clients that come in all love seeing my wrinkly face.

    What are some of Frank's favorite things?

    Squeaky tennis balls and his babble ball. Pretty much anything that squeaks and rolls.

    Does he have any siblings?

    Pet sibling: Charlie, a 12 year old Yellow lab

    Human siblings two brothers; Dylan 16, Nick 12

    What is Frank's favorite thing to do together with you? Why are you the best hooman in Frank's eyes?

    Pretty much anything that I am doing. He is SUPER attached to me. He sits at front door or window and stares out depressed till I get home if I ever leave him. He loves going on hikes and to the beach.  Mom is the best hooman in my eye because she was the one that picked me up at the airport.  That night she even fell asleep next to my crate with her hand in it as I was crying and I fell asleep in my crate right up against her fingers so I knew she was there and I was going to be okay. Plus she spoils me as you can tell from my wardrobe.

    How has getting Frank changed your lives?

    He makes us all laugh every day. He is such a character and no matter what kind of day you have Frank makes it all better.

    Does Frank have a most embarrassing moment?

    One day he went into his hooman dad’s office and took a number 2 on the carpet and dad didn’t notice until he brought some clients in and there it was on the floor in front of all of them.

    What does an average day for Frank look like?

    Mom drops off my younger hooman brother at school then we head into the office. I get to hang with mom all day. After that we go home and play and go on a hike or a walk and play with my fur brother Charlie for as long as he can keep up with me as he is old. I spend a lot of my day sleeping. Love my naps.

    What makes Frank a true boss?

    He knows he has us wrapped around his paws with his wrinkly face. Can’t deny that wrinkly little face looking at you.

    What is Frank's favorite BOSSPUP item?

    He loves them all, but probably the blue striped bro tank. It’s perfect for sunny weather in CA.

     frank the frenchie

    Does he have a favorite food?

    Pretty much any food if he can get his paws on it.  

    Does he have a life motto?

    Love life and have fun

    Who are his favorite instapups? Any instacrushes? 

    He has a LOT of favorite instapups. Too many to list.  He definitely loves all the ladies , but his two crushes are his Texas girlfriends  Tink  @Theo_and_Tiny_Tink and Indi @Lonestar_Ranger_Sidekick_Indi

    We leave you with Frank giving us his "hey girl" face!

    BOSSPUP of the week 3.27.17 - Milo Odell Beckham

    BOSSPUP of the week 3.27.17 - Milo Odell Beckham

    He's a shorty with a big personality. He's a fashionista that doesn't like clothes. He's been in and out of jail but loves to cuddle with mom. He's Milo Odell Beckham and with a name like that, you know he's fabulous. Read more about him below.

    Tell us about you and your hoomans?

    I'm Milo Odell Beckham, 3 yr 3 mo old (DOB - January 18, 2014), Male ShihTzu from Culver City, CA.

    My hooman and momager is Vanna Chan, a Compliance Consultant at Kaiser Permanente.  Mom loves fashion...she has quite a shoe collection. In her former life, before me.. she was a world traveler (for work) and now is full time in LA. Mom is originally from NCal (Bay Area).

    Where did the name Milo Odell Beckham come from?

    Mom has always wanted to name her next male pup Milo because it's cute and nerdy. Baby Milo is also a Japanese streetwear clothing line from Bathing Apes (BAPE). So I was named after this cute monkey.  One of my nick names is monkey. My middle and last name came from moms fav football player/crush Odell Beckham Jr. Mom wasn't impressed with Milo Chan. So she had to come up with something better. 

    What are some of Milo's favorite things?

    I love to people watch, have barking contests with other dogs, bark at big dogs, pretty much anything where I can hear my own voice. My absolute fav thing to do is lick my dads head!

    I'm also a bow tie connoisseur/bow tie king. I have an impressive collection and love to wear neck ware including my gold chains.

    I'm also an undercover pawty animal! I love going to pawties and meet ups to see all my local furriends!

    shihtzu bowtie

    Does you have any siblings?

    None. I don't like to share my pawrents. 

    What is your favorite thing to do together? 

    I'm attached to Moms hip. So anything that involves my mom or going with my mom I love. I have attachment issues. Mom takes me everywhere with her. But most of all I like to cuddle with her when she's working at home or watching tv. I even get to sleep on her bed.

    Why is your hooman the best? 

    My hoomans are the best because they chose me instead of my bio sister. Originally Mom came to buy a girl pup. But when she saw my black coat with white paw and tail, she chose me! Who can't resist this face?!  There's no one in this world who cares for me like my mama does! She is the best.. all I need is her love. 

    Does you have any pet peeves?

    Believe it or not.. clothes! Wearing clothes is a major pet peeve or dislike. But I have no choice. I lose that battle daily. So I suck it up and behave like a good boy. I'm starting to get more used to it. But when I have clothes on I sit there like a statue. And can't move. 

    I only drink filtered/bottled water. Please don't give me faucet water. 

    I have to eat before 8:30am or I won't eat

    I need my goat milk before breakfast not after

    Do you have a most embarrassing moment?

    When I was a pup.. I would get anxious when there's big crowds of people. Mom took me shopping in Santa Monica and I pooped in the middle of the crosswalk as we were crossing. And the light turned RED! I stopped traffic with my poop! 

    What does an average day of you look like?

    I live a good life. I sleep, eat and ........! On the weekdays when mom works from home I people watch and sleep until she takes me for walks. It's pretty chill all day. I play with toys and chew on my bully sticks occasionally. On the weekends I have a busier calendar then Mom. 🤣 She takes me to meet ups/parties. The days she leaves me by myself, I sit and stare at the door until she returns. 

    What makes Milo a true boss?

    I'm a leader not a follower!  I got my own swag matched with a cute face and cool pupsernality!

    What is Milo's favorite BOSSPUP item?

    My fav items are all the baseball jackets! Mom loves to dress me to match her. She she tries to find pup clothes that is more modern and cool!

    shihtzu clothes

    Does he have a favorite food?

    All human food! 

    Does he have a life motto?

    "Innocent until proven guilty!"

    I'm known as "bad dog".  I spend a lot of time in doggy jail. I even put myself on time out when I'm guilty. I have a fascination with tissue, socks, underwear, small towels, and anything plastic.. I will chew it all up. I get caught jumping on tables to get what I want. How can you blame me? I have a full toy bin. But what the most random plastic gadgets. I've destroyed numerous of things so I always end up in my cage.. 

    Who are his favorite instapups? Any instacrushes? ;)

    My BFF is Chewy @chewy_fromthe6ix he lives in Canada

    My local BFFs Max & Louie @MaxScorsese they live here in LA

    My GF is Rosie @rosiepupstagram she lives in NY

    But I have a tone of local furriends too! I see them more on a regular because we just love to pawty!

    Any last words Milo?

    I can probably win any snoring contest.  My tunes are amazing and loud. 

    Mom calls me a Craigslist rescue. She bought me off of Craigslist. I was located in east LA. She didn't want a fancy dog or expensive one. She just wanted another shihtzu. (She had 2 others that live with my grandpawrents). There are so many rescue dogs in the shelters, she wanted to save me so I didn't end up there or the streets. There's just as many backyard breeding pups that need good homes as the ones that are already in the shelter. Mom wishes she can save all dogs and give then a loving home. 

    I'm a typical stubborn shih tzu who has a lil mans complex. 

    odell beckham jr

    BOSSPUP of the week 3.20.17 - Margo Bean

    BOSSPUP of the week 3.20.17 - Margo Bean

    Another #girlboss this week! She's a bit of a local celebrity in the frenchie community. She's small but no less of a boss. She's strong, loves healthy food and has great musical taste. She's non other than Margo Bean! Check out the interview below.

    Tell us about you Margo Bean...

    2 year old frenchton from Long Beach CA (LBC in da house!)

    What are some of Margo Bean's favorite things? 
    @petqwerks emoji balls and @healthyspot chews are Margo's Jam!
    Does Margo Bean have a most embarrassing moment?
    Margo broke away from her leash during the first day of agility class and  I had to chase for 10 minutes. The class came to a screeching halt for 20 minutes and I thought for sure we would get kicked out. Fortunately that wasn't the case and Margo went on to completing agility level 1 & 2 
    What does an average day for Margo Bean look like?
    If she's not at work with me, she's at the Dogsitter hanging out with her friends. 
    What makes Margo Bean a true boss?
    Her RBF (google it if you don't know) never disappoints and she has great fashion sense 
    What is Margo Bean's favorite BOSSPUP item?
    Definitely the Hey preppy navy and orange Zip up 
    Does she have a song she likes to rock out to?
    Margo typically falls asleep to the sweet melancholy sounds of sia
    Does she have a favorite food?
    Green bean chips from sprouts and string cheese 
    Who are her favorite instapups? Any boyfriends? ;)
    Definitely her boo @itstacobear
    Tell us about your hoomans?
    Mom is usually very private & shy. Having me in her life has helped her interact and have gotten to know so many people and their wonderful dogs. Mom is furever grateful for the amazing friendships she's made on and offline.  
    Why is your hooman the best?
    Mom tries to spend as much time with me as possible. We are really lucky that she's able to take me with her to work several days a week. On the weekends, she only shops/eats at places that allows dogs so that I'm always right there by her side. I'm her ride or die.
    Any tips for anyone trying to grow their instagram account?
    Be authentic and find a creative path to help your account stand out. Be active by posting consistently and daily. More importantly, just have fun!
    Beyonce or Adele?
    Bae all the way 

    BOSSPUP of the week 3.13.17 - Frenchie Ninja

    BOSSPUP of the week 3.13.17 - Frenchie Ninja

    This week we feature one of our frenchie friends who has been with us since the beginning. This pup is rolling up on 75k followers on his instagram @frenchie_ninja and can we blame him? He's so darn cute.  Lets get to know him better!

    Tell us about frenchie_ninja...

    He is Ninja. People call him Ninj for short. He is 1 years old, almost 2. His birthday is coming up on 4/17/2015. He is a brindle boy, 100% french bulldog and we're located in the valley part of Los Angeles! NInja is originally from the sunshine state of Florida

    What are some of Ninja's favorite things? What is he passionate about?
    He likes to chase birds , tennis ball, dogs, actually he will chase everything lol...but not squirrels for some reason ...
    What does an average day for Ninja look like?
    Exercise in the morning, eat, sleep, then repeat lol (what a life!)
    What makes Ninja a true boss?
    He is super friendly which makes everyone love him.
    What is that one piece or accessory that every dog needs in their closet? 
    All dogs need a ton of cool clothes and collars!
    What are some fun facts about Ninja?
    He makes cute, squeaky noises when i'm holding some treats in my hand. He's the best at frenchie talk lol
    What is Ninja's favorite snack?
    Pasta! (Ninja must be a boy after our own heart!)
    Tell us Ninja most embarrassing moment....
    He is fart machine lol
    Does Ninja have any favorite instapups that he follows?
    Kanye or Drake?
    Drake all the way !!