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    Bosspup Errday — sneakers

    BOSSPUP of the week 10.03.16 - Sneakers The Corgi

    BOSSPUP of the week 10.03.16 - Sneakers The Corgi

    I'm happy to share that this week's BOSSPUP is also a #GIRLBOSS. And not only is she a #GIRLBOSS, she's a BRUIN! Can I get an 8 clap? She's none other than Sneakers The Corgi! Sneakers is a true bosspup. She's intelligent, confident, loves to eat and feels good wearing anything from furry hats to tomboy hoodies! Let's go on and meet her...

    Tell us about Sneakers? 
    Sneakers is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She enjoys playing fetch, loves long walks on the beach, and lives in foggy San Francisco.

    corgi hoodie

    What is Sneakers favorite song to rock out to?
    Anything by Beyonce, obviously, but she enjoys all pop music!

    What is that one piece or accessory that every dog needs in their closet?
    A hoodie! Keeps you warm but looking cool.

    Does Sneakers have a motto in life?
    Eat the pizza. You only live once!

    What are your thoughts on pineapple on pizza?
    Yes! Pineapple and pizza are wonderful on their own, so why not combine them?

    Beyonce or Rihanna?
    They are both royalty, but Beyonce is the Queen!

    corgi jacket