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    BOSSPUP ALL DAY — lil snoop

    BOSSPUP of the week 09.19.16 - Tha Dogg Pound

    BOSSPUP of the week 09.19.16 - Tha Dogg Pound

    Sup fam. We're starting a new series called Bosspup Of The Week and to begin, we're featuring not one but three bosspups! They are part of a trio from down under and they love to bring it when it comes to style. Now let me introduce Tha Dogg Pound!

    Please introduce The Dogg Pound..

    Donatello (aka Mr Grumpy & matriarch) is a 14yr old male pekinges
    Pumbaa (aka Mr Sleepy) is a 2yr old male brindle french bulldog
    Lil Snoop (aka Mr Naughty) is a 1 year old pied french bulldog (who just had his birthday - happy birthday lil snoop dizzle!)
    tha dogg pound australia
    (Lil Snoop and Pumbaa in our breezy tanks)
    How are they bosses in their own way?
    Donatello, even though is nearly blind, deaf and can hardly walk is definitely the boss of all of us, even my hubby. When he barks we all jump!! 
    Pumbaa is the middle child of the family. The only time he is the boss is at night time when he gets to sleep on our bed. The other two have never slept on our bed. We have no idea how this happened with Pumbaa? 
    Lil Snoop is a lost cause! Constantly at obedience classes!! You could say he is more of a bully than a boss. He likes to think he's the boss!!  
    How do their styles differ?
    Donatello is our senior citizen. When he's not sleeping then he's just a grumpy old man. 
    Pumbaa is my zen baby. He is super chilled and so laid back. He's my protector and always by my side. He's also the mediator when Snoop and Donatello cross paths. Pumbaa jumps in the middle and breaks up the fight. 
    Lil Snoop on the other hand is our energizer bunny. He never stops!! He eats and plays with anything and everything. We also nickname him, the Hoover.
    What is that one piece or accessory that every dog needs in their closet? 
    Definitely a great hoodie or 2 or 3. We love our hoodies  
    What is their favorite pastime?
    Donatello- sleeping 
    Pumbaa- He loves sleeping. You can find him sleeping on coffee tables, when sitting upright and even when eating he can fall asleep. 
    Pumbaa also loves to people watch. Every morning we go sit outside on the footpath and people watch for 15minutes a day.  
    Lil Snoop's favorite pastime is eating and getting into mischief.
    (Pumbaa looking sweet as candy in our Breezy Tank)
    What are their favorite foods?
    Donatello- pikelet with jam (haha! At his age he can have whatever he wants)
    Pumbaa- barbecue chicken 
    Lil Snoop-  loves chicken or lamb shank soup
    lil snoop in bosspup shirt
    (Lil Snoop cleaning up nice in our Boss Classic Tank)
    Beyonce or Rihanna?
    Pumbaa- Beyonce 
    Lil Snoop- Rihanna for sure!!  
    Thanks Dogg Pound! Make sure you follow them @tha_dogg_pound