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    BOSSPUP ALL DAY — frenchie ninja

    BOSSPUP of the week 3.13.17 - Frenchie Ninja

    BOSSPUP of the week 3.13.17 - Frenchie Ninja

    This week we feature one of our frenchie friends who has been with us since the beginning. This pup is rolling up on 75k followers on his instagram @frenchie_ninja and can we blame him? He's so darn cute.  Lets get to know him better!

    Tell us about frenchie_ninja...

    He is Ninja. People call him Ninj for short. He is 1 years old, almost 2. His birthday is coming up on 4/17/2015. He is a brindle boy, 100% french bulldog and we're located in the valley part of Los Angeles! NInja is originally from the sunshine state of Florida

    What are some of Ninja's favorite things? What is he passionate about?
    He likes to chase birds , tennis ball, dogs, actually he will chase everything lol...but not squirrels for some reason ...
    What does an average day for Ninja look like?
    Exercise in the morning, eat, sleep, then repeat lol (what a life!)
    What makes Ninja a true boss?
    He is super friendly which makes everyone love him.
    What is that one piece or accessory that every dog needs in their closet? 
    All dogs need a ton of cool clothes and collars!
    What are some fun facts about Ninja?
    He makes cute, squeaky noises when i'm holding some treats in my hand. He's the best at frenchie talk lol
    What is Ninja's favorite snack?
    Pasta! (Ninja must be a boy after our own heart!)
    Tell us Ninja most embarrassing moment....
    He is fart machine lol
    Does Ninja have any favorite instapups that he follows?
    Kanye or Drake?
    Drake all the way !!