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    BOSSPUP ALL DAY — bruce wayne

    BOSSPUP of the week 09.26.16 - Bruce Wayne

    BOSSPUP of the week 09.26.16 - Bruce Wayne

    This week's Bosspup Of The Week is non other than Bruce Wayne, your all American hero. Sup B...
    Please introduce Bruce...
    Bruce Wayne (his ears were both sticking up like bar ears in the first pic I ever saw of him online. He also has a W mark on his head). He's a 3yr old male dachshund, beagle, chihuahua mix from the city of angels - LA.
    • He's scared of everything, but acts all tough when he's behind me or shielded behind something.
    • Loves to snuggle. And when I'm home he apparently feels the need to be touching me somehow whether it's by leaning on me having his paw on me.
    • Loves the dog park. He's usually the one getting all the dogs to chase him.
    • Loves cucumbers
    • If I have my living room lights on late at night, he thinks it's still play time and runs around. So lately I've been turning down the lights just to get him ready for bed. Is he a human?
    • I adopted him from the adoption service Much Love, 4 months after my mom passed way and found out later that coincidentally, his estimated birth date is the same as my mom's bday. 

    bruce wayne in our zippy jacket with rainbow mickeys

    (Yea sure you woke up like that Bruce...)

    What's Bruce personal style?
    Athleisure? lol. Of all his outfits, he rocks and loves his camo print hoodie the most.
    What is that one piece or accessory that every dog needs in their closet? 
    A worn in hoodie and a comfy blanket
    What is Bruce favorite toy?
    Classic tennis ball. He will run around the apartment on his own if there's a tennis ball. 
    I get him so many chew toys and tug toys but he destroys them immediately. 
    Tell us something embarrassing about Bruce or his most embarrassing moment...
    One of the first few times I brought Bruce to work, he went into my boss' office during a meeting and pooped in the middle of the room. 
    Not really embarrassing but I thought it was hilarious. 
    (Bruce Wayne ready to partaay in our classic hoodie...holla at ya boy)
    Drake or Kanye? 
    He's more of a Disney dog. If he could talk, I'm pretty sure he'd sound like Simba. 
    Polka dots or stripes? 
    Stripes and camo.
    Pepperoni or sausage?
    Pepperoni and sausage. He loves everything. 
    Thanks Bruce Wayne! You can follow him on his adventures here!