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    Bosspup Errday

    Funny Friends of BOSSPUP Part 1

    Funny Friends of BOSSPUP Part 1

    We asked some friends of BOSSPUP and their hoomans to share some funny stories about themselves and here's what we got. Enjoy!

    Pierre @Pierre_dont_care loves texture - rubbing his belly on carpet or squishing his face into couches. When he gets excited he makes a noise that i can only describe as a dolphin noise. Oh and when we're leaving the house he always grabs a toy to bring to the car!

    No wonder Pierre has such an aweome toy collection! 

    Lana @lanatheminicorgi - Since corgis are usually a food motivated breed, Lana has become a stealthy scavenger. Even after being fed a delicious meal, she'll try to find any scraps on the floor. It's free game for her when they do fall. That furry roomba is quick to clean the kitchen floors. 

    Note to our readers, save yourself a few benjamins and get yourself a cute corgi instead of a roomba!

    Louie @louie_lefrenchie absolutely must stop and say hello to anyone who crosses our path. When in training he had to learn to stay down or lay down while greeting people. Now he gets so excited to say hello he can't contain himself and will lay down but army crawl around the person. So he's technically correct by "staying down"

    Touche Louie, touche!

    Stay tuned for part 2!

    So Cal Corgi Beach Day 4.8.17

    So Cal Corgi Beach Day 4.8.17

    We're a little behind on this post but we had a great time at our first So Cal Corgi Beach Day! It took place in Huntington Beach on April 8th and it was one of the best, most well organized events. We were really happy to see some old friends (@corgitwinky @olliethecorgi620 @bentlaroo) and met tons of new friends as well! We saw a lot of corgis (baby corgis, mama corgis, chubby corgis, hawaiian corgis...we saw them all!). We also some some others represent such as a few frenchies and pugs. Overall it was a great time...so much so that we'll be doing it again at the next one on July 1st, 2017. Enjoy the pics below!

    corgi beach day 2017

    corgi beach day 2017corgi beach day 2017

    BOSSPUP of the week 4.3.17 - Frank the frenchie

    BOSSPUP of the week 4.3.17 - Frank the frenchie

    If we had to say that Frank the frenchie @frankthefrenchie0516 looked like any hooman and celebrity, it would definitely be Hugh Jackson. Just look at that serious but handsome mug. The resemblance is uncanny!

    Plus Hugh Jackman is a bit hairy and wrinkly. Anyway we just love Frank, mostly because he's so cuddly and cute...AND he's a total mama's boy. Can we blame him? His mama Amy is so good to him. She buys him super fashionable clothes (if we do say so ourselves), takes him to work everyday and sleeps by his side when he's feeling sad. Please read more about Frank and his family below.

    Tell us about Frank and his hoomans?

    Frank is a male french bulldog, 10 months of age, from Walnut Creek, CA. 

    Mom and Dad own a construction company. Mom takes me to work with her in the showroom so I get to hang with her and see dad all day. All the clients that come in all love seeing my wrinkly face.

    What are some of Frank's favorite things?

    Squeaky tennis balls and his babble ball. Pretty much anything that squeaks and rolls.

    Does he have any siblings?

    Pet sibling: Charlie, a 12 year old Yellow lab

    Human siblings two brothers; Dylan 16, Nick 12

    What is Frank's favorite thing to do together with you? Why are you the best hooman in Frank's eyes?

    Pretty much anything that I am doing. He is SUPER attached to me. He sits at front door or window and stares out depressed till I get home if I ever leave him. He loves going on hikes and to the beach.  Mom is the best hooman in my eye because she was the one that picked me up at the airport.  That night she even fell asleep next to my crate with her hand in it as I was crying and I fell asleep in my crate right up against her fingers so I knew she was there and I was going to be okay. Plus she spoils me as you can tell from my wardrobe.

    How has getting Frank changed your lives?

    He makes us all laugh every day. He is such a character and no matter what kind of day you have Frank makes it all better.

    Does Frank have a most embarrassing moment?

    One day he went into his hooman dad’s office and took a number 2 on the carpet and dad didn’t notice until he brought some clients in and there it was on the floor in front of all of them.

    What does an average day for Frank look like?

    Mom drops off my younger hooman brother at school then we head into the office. I get to hang with mom all day. After that we go home and play and go on a hike or a walk and play with my fur brother Charlie for as long as he can keep up with me as he is old. I spend a lot of my day sleeping. Love my naps.

    What makes Frank a true boss?

    He knows he has us wrapped around his paws with his wrinkly face. Can’t deny that wrinkly little face looking at you.

    What is Frank's favorite BOSSPUP item?

    He loves them all, but probably the blue striped bro tank. It’s perfect for sunny weather in CA.

     frank the frenchie

    Does he have a favorite food?

    Pretty much any food if he can get his paws on it.  

    Does he have a life motto?

    Love life and have fun

    Who are his favorite instapups? Any instacrushes? 

    He has a LOT of favorite instapups. Too many to list.  He definitely loves all the ladies , but his two crushes are his Texas girlfriends  Tink  @Theo_and_Tiny_Tink and Indi @Lonestar_Ranger_Sidekick_Indi

    We leave you with Frank giving us his "hey girl" face!